Sunday, November 22, 2009

While reading current affairs, I came across an interesting news for development - 18637 KM of expressway will be built by 2022. I said, "it is interesting" for several reasons, few of them are:
1. Within so many trash news headlines like "Shiv Sena again rebukes Sachin", one forgets if there is ever going to be any talk on development
2. My experience till now is that once in a year some positive talk for development happens; this year may be an exception when several visions shared
3. Not only developed states but commercially viable states are considered in deciding - no north/south/east/west distribution logic but commercially active points were chosen

There are many more positive thinking in this news item and I'm hopeful again for development of India:).

Monday, November 16, 2009

Joined twitter (@twitt_amit) a few days back. Enjoying the fun of looking at what people send but still not sure about how effectively to use it.
I was in same state when joined facebook a few months back. Now I'm fine with using it and in a controlled way to not to get addicted to it. I'm liking a few feature of "fb" - one which I like most you don't have to keep track of things happening at your friend's end (in orkut the scraps are always one-to-one).
Yeah, I know! I lagged behind this revolution of internet but catching up.