Friday, July 24, 2009

After a long time but hope to put a post every week or more. First of all, let me catch up with comments on an event which I am really proud of - Saina's victory. She is so single-minded that I sometime fear that she will burn out; just hope it never happens.
Next, Federer epitomizing the consistency and embracing history in front of the legends. Debate will keep going over that it would have been much sweeter if Nadal was still there. I hope that both will be playing soon again at their peaks. Andy was at his best in finals but I don't have too high hopes for him or other rivals.
Enough sport...but the win of congress in general election was also not less than any sport's climax. I'm happy, for sure, that now it will not be the musical chairs and a few people got the drubbing as needed. It could have been much sweeter if all such crooked people were taught a lesson but it's fine as you should not expect all sweet things in one sudden move. I just hope this is going to continue and irrational ideas and people are weeded out.

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