Sunday, August 02, 2009

Today is Friendship day. Wish you all a very happy friendship day!

I came to know about it last night from a female friend. First thought was that in this era of communication and considering myself a little active on all such communication channels, I was surprised I missed it. there are still something which sometime are not advertised so greatly or you can miss even being active on such channels. So i need to be more careful about these things as I have taken it granted for such days that I'll know and don't need to remember or try to remember to wish people who care.

Then a lot of people don't care if they are being wished on such days or not. Honestly, I usually don't care but feel good that one is wishing. For a few I don't care to tell as we know each other well enough to leave out these formalities. Something like the same old debate whether every morning after waking up you must tell your parents - "I love you mom; I love you dad" or for that matter say this to your wife or kid or fiancee. Personally, I don't believe in it but , for sure, believe that you should say only when you feel to say.

And I read a very interesting article for cross-sex friends. The term itself is amusing but it gives the idea that we are talking about the concept of friends of opposite sex. The article tried to put some quotes (and people views) for the platonic friendship vs turning it into romance. For sure, I also don't know about it and it hurts the head when think more about it. Guess, I'll better leave it till I have to deal with it.

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Amit said...

Happy Friendship Day to my Angrej Friend...ha ha ha...