Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One of the funniest feeling is when you are waiting for something so deperately and that thing comes and goes. The human feelings and actions-reactions are always mysterical and people, for long, trying to decipher it. I'm talking about the people who are considered among intelligentia. Have you ever felt such funny feeling? For sure, you must have. I recently felt it. It was funny and that's the only word I have right now to describe.
For now, in this country one of the most talked about thing is Mr. Obama's health-care policy reforms. Wherever I go I must hear some comments about it. People are really divided over it. I don't have really great opinion but believe that Mr. President is living upto his image of a democrat. Either way the system now in place needs some shaking. Hope all this hoopla will do the same.
And a seperate blog for my experiences on lost luggage in airline travel - watch for it!

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