Saturday, April 10, 2010

I listened to some talks as well as read few interviews in which successful people describe how much planning is important. They think about the day at morning; some call that hour in morning as the most important hour - "the holy hour". Have you tried it?
Typically I don't try to blindly imitate the success path already traversed by someone. I ponder over it whether the traversed path makes sense for me and accordingly decide for it. In addition I have my own way of thinking and interpreting but sometime I also get inspired by these talks to apply for myself. Coming back to "the holy hour", I'm trying it for sometime now, and it really! Many days I felt so happy at the end of day if I did all what I thought at the start of the day. I, however, still want the unpredictable excitement in my life so I let the life takes its own course but still plan for few things. And also it need not be an hour as "holy hour" but few minutes given to myself to think what I should expect on this day.
So if you like it enough to try it, do so and do share your experiences!

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