Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Some day!

Recently visited the CGI, San Francisco, work - correction in the passport. Imagine it or not, it's a tough job. I'm always scared of touching anything on these kinds of documents at any place - be it in India or in US. Red tape is vicious at any place. It's the nature of the devil. Whatever you want to call me for this, but I expect it this way only. You'll always be desperate to get it done and people on the other side will always be relaxed, or should I say indifferent, enough that your patience will be tested. You are irritated, but you have to smile and show that you are indifferent too.

Anyway coming back to visit to CGI. I did the mistake of dreaming something else as I thought that I'm in a developed world and humans are masters in adapting. I was so wrong. Whatever happens, it's difficult to change the basic nature and only a temporary veil can be put. It's difficult to adapt and hence the process of evolution is slow. Big fonts were used to display that "cell phones are not allowed inside" and several signs of them. Even a message was their on website but we (read Indian) are so not used to follow such measures unless someone has a stick to show it. Then you can see people shouting about the arrangements that what should they do with the phones and all other such damned stuffs. I never saw same people even moaning about the same arrangements outside the US consulate office. I don't need to lay out the next scene once you are inside; one can imagine it very well. The less I should say about security and professionalism, the better.

I understood one thing, for sure, that, with whatever high decibels, we keep screaming that India will be a superpower in coming years but there is a long way to go in terms of etiquette and how we do the things. Some day!

PS: I got my passport back with all the required things in place within 4 weeks. So things are working just fine! 

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