Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Year it was and the year that will come!

Phew...hate to start with a slang like hate to start the new year with a bang!
This year was eventful and not to say that others in past were not so but just to suggest that this year was eventful too. Politically, we saw new equations in India and reinforcement of Gandhian belief in anna's methods. Although so many people are still divided on acknowledging that this method will work but at least all are united in one thought that corruption is very deep rooted in political class now. It was not so different in US too. Bipartisanship is just a term to use in speeches but hardly seen in action on issues unless pushed to wall.
Economically, it wasn't much better. Whole year people are waiting for recovery and it came in patches. Still lots to be done on this and one should remain hopeful.This will remain a major theme for discussion for 2012 too.
Socially, India is on fast track to catch up with the western ways. Not much to talk about and I think that this is very natural way of evolution and social activism. Western society will keep embracing the eastern philosophies on life and societies in east will keep looking to western styles.
Technology is affecting the society a lot more than any philosophies. SoCoMo (Social sites, Cloud devices/apps, and Mobility) will become not only the ways for companies to think but even the ways for society to evolve. People are spending more and more time on social sites than any other communication media. Even emails are looking things of past and only carry business significance now.
Personally, it was a year of paperwork for me. Got the taste of the new processes in immigration. Driving license, passport, visa, bank papers, loans, house etc all featured in my list this year.
Overall like all other years, I'm happy for the way it went and hope more for next year - no new year resolutions but just the renewed vigor to do more. I believe that it's a moment for all of us to celebrate and then take a pause to take deep breath and then get ready for next ride!

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